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Karunashraya & Nimhans

On September 19, 2015, Karunashraya signed an MoU with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) to collaborate on research and education. As a part of this significant collaboration, we now have access to the vast research resources, medical acumen, and expertise of NIMHANS, which has helped us in improving our in-patient care.

Karunashraya & ecancer

Acknowledging the digital age, Karunashraya has partnered with the Department of Palliative Medicine of Cardiff University and ecancer, to develop an e-learning course. This free, online course comprises 20 one-hour modules that cover various aspects of palliative care such as management of different symptoms, use of opioids, communication skills, and paediatrics.

Karunashraya & Severn Hospice, UK

Karunashraya’s partnership with Severn Hospice, UK has led to the regular exchange of ideas, guidelines, and education. As a result of this collaboration, both organisations have improved over time their practices, curricula, and services. The partnership has also enabled the exchange of staff members, fostering multi-experience support across the organisations.

Associated Hospices

Karunashraya, Bangalore Hospice Trust has signed MOUs with seven satellite hospices for ongoing consultancy and continuing medical education. In an endeavour to share knowledge on palliative care, we assist these hospices by providing training and support to enhance performance, mission, context, resources, sustainability and related areas of in-house and home care treatment.