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CSR & Volunteering

A firm’s implementation of CSR goes beyond compliance and engages in actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm and that which is required by law. CSR strategies encourage the company to make a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, communities, and others. It is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

In India, cancer hospitals are overcrowded and preference is given to those patients whose disease has scope for control and cure, either through surgery, chemotherapy or radiation or a combination of the three. Several terminally ill cancer patients on account of poverty, ignorance and total lack of basic facilities do not receive the required medical and nursing care. It is against this background, several corporates can participate and contribute towards providing palliative care at Karunashraya for critically ill cancer patients to make a positive difference in their lives during their last days.

Corporate social responsibility for Karunashraya


As part of the CSR activities, corporate teams can volunteer at Karunashraya. Volunteering is about giving your time to a good cause. It may not be easy, but it is definitely going to be worth it. Along with experience, you accumulate an arsenal of talents on your way. The spirit of volunteerism thrives on the pleasure received from making a real difference in other people’s lives, as well as one’s own​.

Volunteering groups, including various associations that patronize Karunashraya, earn a special mention and deserve acknowledgement for engaging with us and supporting our cause. These are people who take time out from their regular daily schedules, leave their work behind, and take pains to visit Karunashraya and in their own way, assist in the daily functioning of the hospice without expecting anything in return. Karunashraya remains truly indebted to each and every volunteer who has engaged with us during the last few years. To mention a few volunteering groups – SRR, Share a Smile, Sanman, and Youth for Seva.

  • Individual Volunteering
  • Corporate Volunteering

Volunteers are the heart of Karunashraya as they help us in each and every department. At any point in time, we have around 25 regular volunteers. We are indebted to our volunteers who have selflessly helped us in our mission of providing compassionate care to advanced-staged cancer patients. No matter your age or background, we urge you to volunteer, because together, we can make a difference!

Minimum half day to full day

  • 09.30 AMGathering at the reception
  • 09.45 AMOrientation on Karunashraya
  • 10.15 AMVenue Walk
  • 10.30 AMCultural Programs / Games / Volunteering work
  • 12.00 AMMeet at Reception for work distribution
  • 12.05 AMVolunteering work
  • 01.30 PMLunch
  • 02.30 PMVolunteering work
  • 04.00 PMMeeting at the reception / Closing remarks

The following documents are available upon request:

  • Trust Deed
  • Pan Card
  • FCRA
  • 12A
  • 80G
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Annual Reports
  • Karunashraya list of Trustees
  • Brochures
  • Address Proof
  • Separate manuals for accounting and finance
  • HR Policy
  • Purchase Policy
  • Fixed Assets Policy
  • Travel Policy

List of Volunteering Activities:

  • Housekeeping
  • Terrace / Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Kitchen Support
  • Cotton Ball Making
  • Medical Kit making
  • Charity Shop
  • Cultural Programs and Games

Please do check our monthly volunteer requirements as well. You can support us beyond the areas outlined above. Kindly contact us to discuss other innovative forms of support in a manner that benefits our patients the most.

How you can support

  • Payroll Giving
  • Matching Grant
  • CSR & Events
  • Stalls & Campaigns
  • Fund Raising Programme

As the name suggests, payroll giving is a tax-saving scheme that allows employees to give money to a registered charity of their choice by having a deduction taken directly from their gross pay. Not only does it offer the employees an opportunity to support their chosen charity, but also demonstrates the company’s credentials as a socially responsible business.

As an aspect of philanthropic giving, corporate houses donate money to non-profit entities, such as Karunashraya, in the form of matching gifts. It means if an employee donates to a non-profit entity, the employee’s corporation will also donate money to it according to a predetermined match ratio (usually 1:1). This enables not-for-profit entities such as Karunashraya to raise adequate funds to continue their operations.

CSR events are innovative and effective ways for an organization to demonstrate its social responsibility. As an organization, you can conduct several in-house or public-level events that will not only establish you as a socially responsible business but also only raise funds for, and spread awareness about Karunashraya’s work.

Campaigns are one of the most productive ways to spread awareness about any social cause. Corporations could extend their support to Karunashraya by installing stalls during their CSR events. These stalls could be used as campaign booths educating the community about the work we do. It also could be used for selling our merchandise and thereby raising funds for our smooth operations.

  • Fundraising through crowdfunding platforms (Milaap, Global Giving etc.)
  • TCS 10 K Marathon
  • Colourthon
  • Daan Utsav
  • Door to Door Fundraising Campaigns


Today was a day of awareness and education about palliative care. I have been to hospitals but never to a palliative care centre like KARUNASHRAYA. Truly humbled by what we saw, heard and experienced here.

This phase of life can hit us at any point of time so truly understanding the emotions/life changing situation was an eye opener.

The unsung heroes are the nurses and care givers- who seemed to be executing their daily patient care with a very positive disposition. Would like to be associated with an organization like this and see if I can also contribute in some way or the other.

CISCO – Global Support Exp Team (Sabina B.)

I stepped into Karunashraya this morning, as a part of the CSR activity, clueless as to what this organization does.

After listening the brief by Georjo, I was choked. Though I have a couple of my family members who are cancer survivors, I had no clue about what people really undergo during their advanced stage.

Yes, what’s currently on my mind is, we are truly blessed with the life we have and there is nothing for us to complain about.

Secondly we should look for every opportunity to show care, love and attention to the people around you who are in need.

And finally, kudos to all the people who are involved in such a noble cause and I would certainly want to involve and contribute to this great initiative in any way possible!

THANK YOU!! – Vatsala Kumar

Bangalore Hospice trust’s campus is excellent and well built. The Concept of Hospice is something new to most of the crew members. The service provided here is a selfless activity which inspires every one of us to rethink our lifestyle and goals. The exposure these kinds of issues are very less. Keep doing the service and inspire many who visit here.

Good luck! – Cisco Systems India Ltd. volunteer

The visit we pay to Bangalore Hospices Trust’s monthly is one we all look forward to. More than performing, the ambience created due to the fun, is a welcome feeling. We’ll keep visiting every month and spreading the love and music. This is an amazing initiative and should continue indefinitely.

All the Best! – Intel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.volunteer

As a part of the CSR activity a group of 15 folks came to the Hospice. The visit was more than fruitful with an insight of what the Hospice is all about, different services offered; positive attitude carried by the folks who work here gave a whole new perspective of the centre. The brief by Georjo and a walk around the place of different sections covering most of the areas of the building was insightful.

I must confess it’s a great place for the people who come in their last stage. It’s not just a set of duties that the people do here but with the flavor of love and caring that adds to the service. You guys are doing a fantastic job by taking one step at a time and making a huge difference to the community.

Good job keep going! – Dell Technologies volunteer
Volunteers are the heart of Karunashraya